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TED says no to meetings

Good talk from TED  about how to get a bit of meaningful work time done.  For the most part I’d have to agree with the guy. Meetings only end up getting in the way most of the time. In certain circumstances they’re a necessary evil but in general there’s no need for them. Get yourself organised and everything else starts to fal lin place.  The best analogy I’ve heard to explain how creatives work is to think of trying to keep series of plates on poles spinning.  Each plate is a specific task that needs to be completed. The more plates that are spinning at the same time, the more difficult it gets to keep them all going. You eventually end up trying to do too many things at once all the plates end up getting smashed on the floor. Thanks to nslater for that little ditty!

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Creepy Santa gets all Corny for Coke

I’ve usually a soft spot for Coca Cola’s big brand foray’s into the Christmas advertising market, however this years is adding to the inclement weather and leaving me very cold.

Taking a page out of the Irish governments book and liberally applying cheese to the problem the ad is an incredibly schmaltzy stab at revitalizing their traditional Christmas outing.

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