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Pixel Lab is now developing Layar Apps

We are happy to say we are now open for business when it comes to Layar apps.

Layar is a simple and effective tool that overlays all kinds of information onto your phones camera. Looking for your nearest tourist attraction, bus stop, pizzaria or pub? well just turn layar on, and look at your camera. You will get a visual marker on your screen that shows you the exact geographic location of whatever it is you are looking for, how many metres away it is and useful links to information as well as a pinpoint on Google maps. Sounds great eh?!

So feel free to give us a buzz and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 Layar, Uncategorized No Comments

Dublin Creative Agencies Layar App

Pixel Lab spent a bit of time playing around in Layar last month to create a handy little app for Dublin based creative agencies. If you ever find yourself a little bit lost then turn on your smartphone, open the Layar app and search for Dublin Agencies. Hey presto you now can view all local agencies through your camera with a link to their site and google maps geolocation tag!

Dublin Creative Agencies Layar App

Dublin Creative Agencies Layar App

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Augmenting Reality – Because we can.

I’ve been following the augmented reality movement for a while on and off over the last few years. With a background in 3D it naturally enough looked like a novel and interesting way of motion tracking content in real time. Other than being a cool gimmick to mess around with though I couldn’t figure out where it was really going. Lately though with the explosion of smart phones and the emergence of mainstream development companies like Layar, aplications have emerged with real commercial applications, beyond being a cool throw away gimmick.

Layar app for the beetles

Don't worry they're not real...

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