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Augmenting Reality – Because we can.

I’ve been following the augmented reality movement for a while on and off over the last few years. With a background in 3D it naturally enough looked like a novel and interesting way of motion tracking content in real time. Other than being a cool gimmick to mess around with though I couldn’t figure out where it was really going. Lately though with the explosion of smart phones and the emergence of mainstream development companies like Layar, aplications have emerged with real commercial applications, beyond being a cool throw away gimmick.

Layar app for the beetles

Don't worry they're not real...

Well known interactive designer Vivian Rosenthal’s new venture, the aptly named Goldrun sums up neatly the kind of new opportunities there are for brands and agencies who start embracing the space – higher consumer engagement levels. The main objective of Goldrun apps are to get consumer’s to hunt down augments all over their city, capture them (with their camera) and trade them off for rewards. The beauty of a Layar app is that it is contextual and highly targeted yet incredibly easy to access ( once you’ve purchased your smartphone and downloaded the free Layar viewer!)

This means that even though Layars are geographically based you can have as many as you want in any given geo location and not run out of space. You simly turn on and off the Layar you want to see. The potential for Augmented reality through your mobile are huge. Everything from a guided tour of the city through your phone’s camera to snapping pictures of your friend in a virtual t-shirt to pointing it at your static newspaper to view a contextual video on whatever topic you are reading about – http://video.nytimes.com/video/2011/04/07/technology/100000000764096/augmented-reality.html?ref=technology.

The real challenge is a bit like the one the internet faced in it’s infancy. Sorting through the chaff and getting to the most relevant applications for the technology before people switch off to it.

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