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Subliminal Advertising – coming to an everyday occurrence near you

I fell across this great campaign by Mini today and it triggered a few thoughts. First of all that it is a great idea but secondly how effective is it as a valid advertising form. With ad saturation being at an all time high, creatives need more compelling ways to stand out in their target audiences brains, so advertising to their subconscious without them even knowing it has an obvious attraction. If you don’t know you are being advertised to you can’t put up those mental guards. The problem is though it’s an exceptionally hard thing to track.

Everyone ( well of a certain ilk!) will remember the Tyler Durden splicing gentlemen’s appendages into Disney Cartoons ten years back in the cult classic Fight Club, the outcome being small children spontaneously bursting into tears for apparently no reason. The film played on this concept the whole way through and it could be argued that it helped it build it’s ‘cult’ following.

While this might have been an exaggeration of the power of the flash frame, BMW have recently started experimenting with the concept in their well received experiment with Service Plan of Munich. The audience was shown a well shot but pretty standard advert featuring SuperBike champion Ruben Xaus. The main difference here was that a frame flashed twice during the movie and burned the BMW logo into the retina of the audience. When they left the theatre afterwards and closed their eyes they had the strange sensation of looking at the BMW logo dancing in their vision.

Advertising has always been a consumer focused form of pop pyschology, using real and psuedo science to create campaigns that engage their audiences in a meaningful way by any means possible. While you could argue that nearly all advertising is subconscious in one way or another this form takes it in an interesting and maybe slightly creepy direction.

So next time you are looking at your tin of catfood make sure you aren’t getting overwhelming urges to spend indecent amounts of money on an umbrella…

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