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Archive for December 8th, 2010

Search sheriff to start enforcing ‘play nice’ rules online

The SEO world – the one in which companies take it seriously and are making serious money from being on the first page of Google for relevant searches – is in some respects like the wild west. As anyone will tell you who has looked beneath the hood of a sample of websites within an industry – especially the ones doing moderately well in competitive markets, anything goes- as far as you can push it – and questionable and unsavory tactics are often employed systematically.

All sorts of stuff goes on. People figure out the rules and bend them as far as possible  - because there is a lot of money to be made if you sell products/ services and can game the system. The technology behind search is pretty developed and its clear that a lot of changes are happening constantly to the algorithm.  However its also clear that despite the massive computing power and resources put into search, the algorithms haven’t progressed beyond a principle that is in some respects flawed – the value and power of links. Page Rank was developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page to enable machines to determine the value of a websites content – essentially a subjective, human judgement. This concept underpins all search results and means that the value of a site in relation to a particular search term will be calculated by the number of links coming in from sites, and words within these links (anchor text), the value (or Page Rank) of these sites,   and other factors such as whether its a .gov/ .edu site, whether he domain is in a search-term relevant subject area etc. › Continue reading

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TED says no to meetings

Good talk from TED  about how to get a bit of meaningful work time done.  For the most part I’d have to agree with the guy. Meetings only end up getting in the way most of the time. In certain circumstances they’re a necessary evil but in general there’s no need for them. Get yourself organised and everything else starts to fal lin place.  The best analogy I’ve heard to explain how creatives work is to think of trying to keep series of plates on poles spinning.  Each plate is a specific task that needs to be completed. The more plates that are spinning at the same time, the more difficult it gets to keep them all going. You eventually end up trying to do too many things at once all the plates end up getting smashed on the floor. Thanks to nslater for that little ditty!

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