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Creepy Santa gets all Corny for Coke

I’ve usually a soft spot for Coca Cola’s big brand foray’s into the Christmas advertising market, however this years is adding to the inclement weather and leaving me very cold.

Taking a page out of the Irish governments book and liberally applying cheese to the problem the ad is an incredibly schmaltzy stab at revitalizing their traditional Christmas outing.

Throwing a little R n B into the tune and persisting with a creepy uncanny valley CG Santa ( the have been bizarrely doing this for a while now) they seem to be trying to get away from the old school magic of previous years. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic for my fading youth but I won’t be surprised to seeing a hip, slimmed down rapping Santa come to our screens next year and deliver his presents through an innovative “Santa” branded Facebook page ( a la Heineken – http://www.brandrepublic.com/news/1045295/heineken-sell-branded-goods-via-facebook-shop/ )

Don’t take it from me though – have a look at the Ad yourself

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Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 Advertising, Comment, Latest

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